The Propel all-inclusive design service from Jazzbones Creative covers the key aspects of marketing communications including Logo Design & Branding, Direct Mail, Signage & Point of Sale, Brochures & Literature, CGI & Animation, UX, UI & Website Design. Here are some of the most common ways we can support your business.

- Graphic Design.

The Propel ‘all inclusive’ design package from Jazzbones Creative, Swindon is perfect for businesses looking to get to the next level.

Graphic design can be many things. It can be bold, subtle, cool or emotional. It can be dyed-in-the-wool traditional or it can be streetwise cutting edge.

A lot depends on the nature of your business and the profile of your customers. An elegant brochure for luxury holidays aimed at ABC1 consumers will not look the same as a flyer for a discount food chain that caters for teenagers. At Jazzbones, bespoke design is the name of the game. Design that is tailored to your company and your targets, be that increased sales, new clients or a higher ROI.

- Brand Development.

Developing an effective brand identity and positioning for your business can be very time-consuming. With The Propel ‘all inclusive’ service we take all the headaches away from this process for you and get things done!

We’ve been creating, implementing and rolling out brand identities for our customers for more than fifteen years.

Your brand is not just your product, your logo, your website, or your name. Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, the personality you convey and the promise you make to your target audience. Your brand is your DNA. Sometimes we work with clients to define a long-term brand strategy or create a whole new visual identity. Other times we’ll just tweak a logo or a font.

- Motion Graphics & CGI.

Many businesses are now seeing how expertly produced motion graphics and animation can help them convey their USPs in a digital world,

Motion Graphics can be thought of as moving graphic design, but it is much, much more. We think of it as bold, colourful, graphical, energetic and dynamic animation. Designed specifically to engage an immediate interest and emotion from the viewer.

Use motion graphics to communicate with employees with e-learning or internal comms, engage your audience via social channels or play the latest corporate video on display screens at your HQ or exhibitions. The possibilities are endless.

- Film & Video Production.

Not so long ago film and video productions were reserved for big spenders. Now it is accessible to all-comers.

As video approaches 70% of consumer internet traffic, it’s a format that is making a huge impact on the way businesses engage with customers new and old.

Bespoke film and video posted strategically on Social Media as part of a content marketing strategy can convey your message and engage with your target audience in record time and with remarkable clarity. It is one thing to put your product or service in words, it’s quite another to show your audience who you are or what you are selling with cut to the chase videos.

- UX. UI. Website & App Design.

Fully bespoke or ‘off the shelf’ open source or template website solutions - we can provide expert guidance to ensure your brand is translated the best way in the digital world.

Pretty much anybody can throw a DIY website or blog together these days but it takes digital savvy and professional expertise to create a really effective online presence.

We have vast experience across all facets of web design and development. We can design you a website following the latest UX and UI techniques that not only look great and maximise search engine possibilities they will click with your customers and generate measurable ROI.

- Professional Photography.

Perfect professional commercial photography that captures your personality. Studio or on location shoots, we’ve got it covered.

We provide a host of photographic solutions for design and branding projects. Working with a pool of established commercial photographers with a diverse range of specialization, we always match the right photographer to the right client and project.

We deliver corporate photos for annual reports, aerial photography for destination marketing, premium product shots for glossy brochures and engaging images for not-for-profit organisations.

- Creative Copywriting.

Content is King, and the way your brand is conveyed in words sets the tone of your customer's response to your marketing communications.

Launching a website but struggling to translate your USP into words? Need a strapline that helps your company stand out from the crowd? Looking for impactful copy for a advert? We can incorporate creative copywriting services into your Propel package if required?

Internal comms, external comms, formal voice, informal voice, writing, editing. Our experienced copywriters find the perfect words for some of the world’s biggest companies and small local businesses alike – helping them to sell more, increase ROI and grow.